Tuesday, May 16, 2006

33rd Entry : Other ninja clans.

Hello all!
Sorry I am late, I have been busy investigating a few things. I'm having some suspicions about some of the recent events. So I have been trying to connect all the dots.
The reappearance of Orochimauru, the chuunin exams, the new ninja clans that have emerged this time around...
Something is up, and I am trying to put my finger on it. I feel they are all connected. Something bad, REAL BAD, is coming down the line. I just hope I can sort this out in time to hopefully prevent some of it.

As you may or may not know the the real purpose of the Chuunin Exam is to confirm the level of the ninja in each adjacent country and try to balance out the power. In other words it a show of strength to see which village is "Top Dog".
This is done this manner so there won’t be any wars. Beforehand whenever on country wanted to show their superiority in manpower, they would do so by declaring war on the rival ninja village. This made things very bloody and messy for many many years.. and in the long wrong didn't really benefit anyone. So when the war finally ended. This "exam" was proposed as an alternate way rank the major ninja clans.

There are 5 major ninja clans. The break down like this right now.

1. Hokage (火影, literally "Fire Shadow", Kage of Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf))
2. Kazekage (風影, literally "Wind Shadow", Kage of Sunagakure (Hidden Sand))
3. Mizukage (水影, literally "Water Shadow", Kage of Kirigakure (Hidden Mist))
4. Tsuchikage (土影, literally "Earth Shadow", Kage of Iwagakure (Hidden Rock))
5. Raikage (雷影, literally "Lightning Shadow", Kage of Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud)

There are other smaller clans here and there but are not consider major players in the ninja community.
Now participating in this years exam are all of these villages and the sound village.
Sound? I never heard about them till recently, as a matter of fact, only in this past year. They are a new village that seemed to pop out of nowhere. Considered a minor player in the exams, they seem to have some connection to Orochimaru. How exactly is what I am trying to find out now. I have not been able to find out many clues. The only thing I was told so far is that he had mentioned them to Anko when she has that initial run in with him in the Forest of Death.
Also it seems my team also ran into the sound.

Happily, I have been informed that my team is doing well and managed thru there run in with them. I have faith that they will do well and pass the exam. I just hope that they don't run into Orochimaru, that would really be a tragedy.

Back to the Villages, and the Sound/Oro connection... So with the the leaf hosting the Chuunin exams security has gotten tight. But on the same note I am not sure that we are properly equipped to handle the mass amount of people showing up for the exams... The Anbu and Police force in Konoha have been scaled back significantly in the last few years. hmmmm....
Well I have to go, I will get to the bottom of this, soon.


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Anonymous said...

w00t! first comment! o yea! XD
i hope that u find out what orochimaru is up to....um...it's kinda not my job right now....go go kakashi-san!*cheers*
and 0.0 this entry has been put about an hour ago 0.0.....so....um yea...i guess that's it from me XD
PS: go go sakura! u get him! show him girl power!


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Sakura! Sakura! YOU GO GIRL!

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Bah, she'll be taken care of soon enough. A ninja that weak won't stand a chance against Orochimaru or his ninja

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it's true...she is too weak.

doh! wait, i'm supposed to be asleep...

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Seriously you guys should be famous, kakashi is so accurate and everything! Very PRO!

Anonymous said...

Sakura would probily like Rock Lee more if he got better cloths' a cooler hairstyle, AND PLUCKED HIS EYEBROWS! ...and,um Kakashi i come to this website A LOT so if you don't respond to this i know where you live and i kill you very slowly...