Friday, December 01, 2006

Troublesome Days in Konoha

Konoha_cop here!

I just want to apologize for delays on our end, it seems that someone's been tampering with our systems here at the Hokage's office. A few nights back we found a small set of explosion notes hidden in the office. It took a while to make sure any and all traps were removed. Thankfully everything is now back up running smoothly.
So thank you all, for your patience!

It seems like Kakashi has gone missing again. Pakkun told me that he's off training Sasuke. The thing is the third round of the Chuunin exams are about to begin and no one has heard from them! Some folks are a bit concerned. Personally, I just think Kakashi is just going to be late again. I just hope not too late, or Sasuke will risk being disqualified from the match.

Things are really hopping in Konaha right now. Orochimaru resurfacing, and the Chuunin exams, all the delegates from other countries including the Kazekage from the Sand Village all in Konoha. Security and ANBU troops are stretched thin. Everybody is working hard to keep Konoha running smoothly. But too many strange events have been going on. I have to agree with Kakashi-san in an earlier post that something big is gonna happen. If anybody and anybody sees anything suspicious report it directly to our Jounins and ANBU squads. (I have also included a pic just in case you don't know what our ANBUs look like).


If your lucky you'll be able to aproach one of them. But if not please just go to our Jounins, and official security.



pirate guy said...

Not sure about whether the ANBU Identification is good. Rumor has it that Kakashi came across Kabuto wearing the getup, so he may do it again soon. Trust me on this.

konoha_cop said...

Really? Hmmm... thank's for the info! I'll look into it!

Anonymous said...

I can barely see his face! Shouldnt there masks be on? Or is he taking a break? Or she? Awesome photo btw!