Tuesday, January 10, 2006

18th Entry: Situation Assessment

Konoha_cop here. Ok, so instead of going on vacation orders came down for me to get to Wave Country myself and find out what's going on. Strictly information gathering and no interference. (Thank god cause I am in no condition to fight. I am a desk nin for a reason!) I position myself on high ground a fair deal away from the bridge but still in close enough range to see with the help a my nifty tele-photo lens. And with the help of a great hiding jutsu that I learned from the 3rd Hokage himself. I am completely undetectable and I was able to get some more information on the situation on the bridge firsthand.

So as mentioned before there was this crazy mist surrounding the bridge which made it hard to see, even with my equipment. I can only make out shapes and colors in some spots. The mist also has seemed to get thicker from the photos that were shown to me earlier. Also I saw the strange dome like ice structure up-close, amazing I have to say. But then I realized this could be real bad. I know that Kakashi-san and the other members of Team 7 are not the types that can perform many water and ice type jutsus. So this means that this was being used against them. This left me feeing a bit uneasy. For a short while the mist did lighten up a bit and I did manage to see the bridge builder with Sakura right next to him with Kakashi just a few steps away. He looked like he was searching for something and from what i can tell looks like he took a hit from something, because he seemed to be bleeding but not too bad. Further up the way was that ice dome which upon further inspection looks like they were being used like mirrors. Inside I can see both Sasuke and Naruto. They seem to be attacking the mirrors but for some reason they keep getting knocked down.

The mist rises again and I cant see anything. I hear Sakura scream, an a minute later I hear Kakashi yelling something about Sasuke being form the Uchiha Clan or something. Then the strangest thing happened, their was a great red glow from the area of the ice mirrors.

And this terrible, scary chill ran down my entire body. The heat of an intensely powerful chakra. One that I had felt only one time before. The Nine Tails! OMG!! I thought for a minute, was the seal breaking?
was I going to have face the thing that injured me so bad. That made me stuck as a desk nin for the rest of my life? I waited a moment looking and listening for any reactions. I can sense that the seal was leaking but had not completely been broken. I stopped shaking, then I heard Kakashi in the mist somewhere once again yelling at Zabuza to end the fight in one final blow. Right after that I heard a giant crashing sound of glass/ice breaking. It got quiet again. Then I heard barking and growling.

This could only be one thing. Kakashi summoned his nin-dogs. I have seen him do that before! So things seemed to be under control. The mist was starting to lift a bit as well. And then low and behold I got to see a very special sight. A rarely seen justu! The lighting blade, better known as "The Chidori"! A Kakashi original!!! I even managed a decent photo!

Now, here is as it stands, Kakashi and Zabuza (being held down by Kakashi's dogs) in one area. Sakura and Tazuna off to one side, and far off away from me, the ice dome is gone. I see Sasuke lying on the ground and Naruto facing the young boy Zabuza was with, a missing nin named Haku. Naruto seems to be going in to finish off the boy. At about the same time Kakashi is about to finish off Zabuza. But to my surprise the next thing I see? The boy gets in Kakashi's way, and took the blow from the Chidori meant for Zabuza. It felt like a huge shock-wave and the result was devastating (For the boy).

Zabauza used the opportunity to continue his attack on Kakashi. He didn't have much luck. At the same time Sakura makes a bee line for Sasuke, now lying on the ground. Naruto, just staring at the Kakashi battle and doesn't seem to look back towards Sakura who starts crying over Sasuke's body.
In the meantime Kakashi quickly immobilizes Zabuza's ability to yield that huge sword of his. Stabbing him with a pair of kunais in vitals points on both his arms. At this point I deem the situation over and I was going to come down and see if there was any thing I can do to help. Just then I got intercepted by a huge crowd heading towards the bridge.
Well this is where i have to end this for now.
Over and out!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back from the holidays! Had me worried thought this blog was dead! But WOW!!!! You guys soooo ROCK, KAKASHI #1!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy snaps, this is so cool, I love KAKASHI!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

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Anonymous said...

Wah, these are great copslay pictures, not to mention the realy awesome effects added to them!
It is interesting to hear the sotry told by a at-the-scene Naruto characters' points of view, I like it very much!

Anonymous said...

This pictures are amazing! The effects are great ^_^ (got the link from a naruto comm on LJ) *glomps*

Asuma said...

Haha.. Kakashi, you know that this news is over 3 years old, right? jk! =3 BTW, That was really an a/b level mission, right? Dammit, those kids got skill!