Saturday, January 21, 2006

20th Entry: Lost Teamwork

It's been about a week since we have all gotten back from Wave Country. Most of the bruises and bumps we have gotten from that mission are healing nicely. Except for mine, (Zabuza's sword took a nice chunk out of me. I was told to take it easy for a bit. ) Also their has been one other issue. Naruto and Sasuke's sense of teamwork. It's been uneasy between them since the trip back. They are constantly fighting. (More accurately Naruto is constantly fighting...) He's is on an insane aggressive drive to prove himself. And Sasuke has been surlier then ever. In a way its good that they have formed some sort of competition with each other to see who's better. But on the same note this could also be troublesome.

Not to mention that since the team is back on some nice calm D-ranked missions. Naruto has been getting frustrated again.
D-Rank missions may not be the most exiting, but they are still important and needed to be done. You know, simple stuff, cleaning up litter, helping the neighbor's with their gardening, walking dogs, and so forth. Also, sigh...I just want to finish healing and get through the latest volume of Icha-Icha Paradise... It doesn't help that Naruto get overexcited and keeps overdoing things which just leads him into trouble.

After I got a bit lost this morning, I met up with my team. And just like the last few days had to try and keep Naruto from well, being Naruto. He just about fell over a waterfall today, Sasuke saved him, much to Naruto's dismay.
By the afternoon I was glad to dismiss them and head over to the Academy's office to file some paperwork and talk to Ikura
I hate meetings... Usually they talk to long and there is a lot of waiting around, but this time around it was quick cept for a bit of news. Apparently in one weeks time the Chunin Exams (mid-level ninja exams) will take place.
Hmm.. this should prove to be interesting...
well that's all for now!
ja' ne!


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You guys Rock!!!! Love the NARUTO!

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OMG! The scene at the gravestone is amazing! Again you are spectacular!

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NARUTO looks pissed!