Tuesday, February 28, 2006

25th entry: Ibiki the Pro!

Relaxing in the teachers lounge, Kurenai and Asuma came in and we started to chat a bit about the exams. Asuma tells me that Morino Ibiki is the examiner for the first test... Both Asuma and I thought that this could get ugly. Kurunai, only just becoming a Jounin teacher has no idea what we're talking about. Who is this guy, she asks. He's a pro.

We both then explain to Kurunai that Ibiki is a professional torturer and master interrogator. There won’t be any physical torturing at the exam but there will be mental torture. He can through just being in a room with him, create a situation that can make even the most stable mind crack. Why? Because Ibiki is the ANBU’s torture and interrogation squad leader.
Wow, I would hate to be on the receiving end of what he has in store for them. But then again what doesn't kill them will make them stronger! I am kind of curious to see how each of Team 7 will hold. Sakura may break first, but Naruto may plain out just be trouble... As for Sasuke, he may fair quite well.

Well, I just got a note that I have a new short solo mission to go on so that's it for now.


A_Fan said...

Whoa, Ibiki looks totally cool! You guys rock! Kakashi and Asuma seems buddy buddy. BTW I love the Pakkun from the previous blog.

Jounin Lover said...

this blog is HOT. I love jounins.

Uchiha_K said...

Whoa that's a diesel Ibiki! Awesome you guys kick ass! Asuma, big guy! Kakashi OMG! GLOMOING CRAZY!

Uchiha Itachi said...

Hey kids. Where's kakashi? Tell him to im me once he's free to chat. Its been awhile.. heh.

Rock Lee said...

Again, your pictures continue to astound. Keep up the good work!