Tuesday, February 28, 2006

26th entry: 1st exam results!

Greetings and Salutations!
Konoha_cop here once again to fill you in on what's happening! Kakashi is away for a few days on a mission. But he will be reporting back to us about it.
I have been assigned to cover the exams and report back the progress of all the new genins!
So now you'll get coverage on all fronts. From the Chuunin exams and what Kakashi is doing when he is not around!!
Let's Begin!
The 1st exam was yesterday. A "written" exam, to test out the whole groups information gathering and coping skills in stressful situations. Surprisingly a high percentage of students actually passed the exam. There are 78 students which means there are 26 teams left, according to proctor of the second exam Mitarashi Anko. In that group were all nine of the rookie genins!
Anko was surprised by the high turnout and comments that Ikibi may not have been hard enough on the students. And according to others present, Anko announced that she is planning to cut those numbers by more than half.

The second exam has been announced to take place starting today at training area number 44.
Also known as the Forest of Death.

As you can see by this file photo it's not a fun place.
It's a 5-day survival exam. No holds barred. I am going got head over to the gates of area 44 now. I'll report back as soon as I have more info!


P.S. We should be getting a report from Kakashi and his solo mission next entry!


Anonymous said...

0,o WHOA!

Orochimaru said...

The picture is awesome...
It looks so real!

If only Anko was around..
Sigh! Kukukuku..

Anonymous said...

Hey! So what's going on? are you slackin off there konohacop? where's kakashi?

kakashi said...

Heyyyy there! Have not forgotten about this blog! Just been back from something interesting, pics coming soon! My internet connection is bad here. Plus I think I've been followed...

Ninja! said...

Soemthing intresting huh? like what were has you been kakashi?

Ninja! said...

Somthing intresting huh? weres ya been kakashi?

Nara Shikamaru said...


Late as usual! How troublesome... Heh! He made us wait to add to the suspense. Or is it?