Monday, July 17, 2006

42nd Entry: Sakura Blooms

Sakura and Ino have been giving their all.
Sakura shows off some very clever basic battle techniques. She combines normal replication techniques and chakra to boost her speed to confuse and hit Ino. Very nice. Her ability to circulate Chakra throughout the entire body and use it at the right time is top notch. Naruto and Sasuke could learn a thing or two from her.
At this point it looks like Ino and Sakura are evenly matched. They have been fighting for 10 minutes. Sakura continues with her taunting and Ino is enraged to the point that she cuts off her hair and throws it towards Sakura. Ino then decides to use the Mind Transfer Technique to make Sakura give up.
This is a risky decision. The Mind Transfer Technique is a technique in which the user releases his/her mind energy and hits the enemy with it to control the opponent’s mind for a few minutes. Although a powerful technique it has a weakness, mind energy travels slowly in a straight line which leaves openings. If the user misses the mind energy won’t return to the user for a few minutes prohibiting the user from moving. All Sakura has to do to win, is to simply dodge it. If Ino misses Sakura can basically beat her into a pulp.

Sakura runs and Ino performs the Mind Transfer Technique. It misses and Ino falls to the floor. Sakura walks towards Ino but Sakura is tied down by a string filled with Chakra. Ino was only pretending that she formed the seal to lure Sakura into the trap. The string is a special string made by running Chakra through the hair she threw on the ground. Now that Sakura can’t move, Ino performs the Mind Transfer Technique and it hits Sakura. The technique succeeded. Things looked bad.

Ino has now taken over Sakura’s mind. It seems as though this battle is over. Ino raises her hand to make Sakura give up.
Naruto yells at Sakura to tell her to stop. Suddenly Ino, who is still inside Sakura, is in pain. It seems Sakura's mind is fighting Ino. She can’t take it and returns to her own body. Now this is not an easy feat, one can’t easily kick out the user. It's true that Ino’s Chakra was limited but Sakura's spirit and will power was stronger. And that spirit was awakened by Naruto’s voice as he was yelling at her at the time from the balcony.
Now it will all come down to brute force..

Revised Sakura and Ino punch

Both are exhausted. one more hit will decide the outcome. Sakura and Ino both run and punch each other. They hit each other’s face simultaneously and they both pass out. Double KO. That's is a 1st. Asuma and I pop down and get bring the two back up to the balcony so they can rest. All in all, I am very proud of Sakura. I really feel that it was a good decision for me to have them take part in the exams this year. She really has grown far beyond my expectations.

Passed out Ino and Sakura


Anonymous said...

the Burgess Meredith school of fight coaching perhaps? or maybe just Bass Rutten...

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest problem with that fight was that it wasn't Sakura that broke out of Ino's attack, it was Sakura breaking out after Naruto yelling at her! If it weren't for that, not to mention Ino hamming up the resignation speech, then she would have won the match before Sakura's "other half" came into play! Sakuira may be improving, but she still has a lot more to learn.

Lee said...

My beautiful bloom has failed?

Not to worry! I shall work extra hard and make Sakura fall in love with me!

OSU! Or I will do 500 laps around Konoha in my hands!

Anonymous said...

Man that was some fight! Sakura gets to be carried by kakashi! OMG... I want Kakashi to carry me!

Anonymous said...

Man the jounins get all the fun, they get to pic up unconscious kunoichis! And ... touch them

Anonymous said...

eww that is gross.. Jiraya you are a womanizer, anyways looks like lots of people like this blog! I want to see a KakaSaku romance! maybe even a SnJKakaSaku!

Anonymous said...

arn't you guys behind???

Anonymous said...

Dear HK,
Congrats on your student's progress! I think the double KO worked out for the best--neither Sakura or Ino are really ready for part 3 of the exam. By the way, the hair is looking bad ass as always,

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but the person playing Naruto doesnt look the part.

Anonymous said...

going from all the past pictures i'd say they look exactly what naruto is supposed to look like.

Anonymous said...


Cammy said...

Poor Ino and Sakura. I don't know whats worst, knocking eack other out or missing the action that comes next! Can't wait and see!

-Noroll (Cam Cam) Ginamijia aka Cammy-sama

P.S: I love you guys! X3