Sunday, December 04, 2005

14th Entry: This just in.....

Greeting Konoha_cop here with more breaking information.
There still is a strange mist surrounding the uncompleted bridge in the Wave country. Everyone has been told to stay away for their own safety. We know that Kakashi-san and Team Seven are currently present there. Also the renegade ninja Zabuza is there along with the masked boy who has been now been identified as Haku also from the village of the hidden mist.
Now authorities have also just spotted another strange occurrence at the bridge. A strange looking structure that has been described as giant pieces of ice. We have no idea what its purpose is. We can only assume is is part of some unknown justu.
(This pic was taken by a local patrolman on a boat near the bridge.)

In another news Naruto has been spotted leaving the bridge builders home, where Tazuna’s daughter Tsunami was the victim of a failed kidnapping. Two samurai were found tied up. Their son Inari was found unharmed at the scene.

Well, unfortunately that's it for right now. Hopefully thing will clear up soon, and we will hear from Kakashi or someone from team 7.

Over and out!


Tsunade said...

An unknown structure made of ice... perhaps some kind of jutsu? I remember a clan from the Mist that had a mastery over water and ice. This jutsu seems familiar of it. I do hope Team Seven will be okay in the face of this new danger.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Gai-sensei ell me that this is a most unusual and rare jutsu!

I hope that Sasuke-kun comes out this alive!

Survive against the enemy, Sasuke-kun!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, this could lead to some chilling situations...I do hope Kakashi-san knows what he's doing...along with Sakura-chan and Sasuke-kun.

Anonymous said...

Kakshi gonna let the dog loose!!! hahaha ho let the dogs out? woof woof!