Sunday, December 11, 2005

15th Entry: Speculations and Holiday Greetings

Yes it's Konoha_cop once again!
I know everyone is eagerly waiting for Kakashi. Please bear with me until we can get back word from him.
Their has been much noise coming from the unfinished bridge structure since my last report. Reports of flames, explosions, and a lot of screaming. Which has may authorities concerned, but still fearful of entering the area while the mist is still present. The strange ice-like structure is also still standing, and Naruto was seen entering the area as well.
Not much can be done until the mist clears in order to get a good assessment of the situation.
So this leaves me at a loss of information, and I apologize.
Well, since I don't have much to report and the holidays is fast approaching. I have decided to post something a week early. Kakashi sent out his Christmas card to everyone early,before he headed out to wave country. (So on top of things that guy!)
And he let me know that it would be OK for me to post it on the journal if he doesn't get back in time for the holidays.
So might as well as well do it know, right?
So Happy Holidays! From myself and Kakashi-san!

Farewell till next entry!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh Christmas Kakashi~ Soo Soo Cute! How did you get the hat to stay on your head Kakashi-san? I love it! So Merry X-masy!!! hee hee

Anonymous said...

yes. a very nice hat indeed.

Super Chicken said...

who wants to spend Christmas on a cold misty bridge 8(

Anonymous said...

I want to be kakashi's christmas gift!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Yarashi Kunoichi! The Sell Konoha Condoms in JapaN! You should get it to use with Kakashi hahahaha!

Asuma said...

HAHA!! Gotta see one of those as they do not have them here in konoha.