Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's going on here???

I'm getting close to finding out where Kakashi has gone and the Anbu has's set up a security net to try and track him, you can find it HERE!. Anyways found some footage in the Konoha Archives and apparently Kakashi was assigned to do a commercial a while back to promote awareness of the Fire Country and bring in more assignments for the village (since the other countries have been taking alot of A missions away from us). So what I'm thinking is that, he may be out on another peace mission for The Fire Country, man... I wish I could do that but nooo I'm stuck behind a desk twenty four seven. Anyways here's the video...

Well till next time!
Konoha_Cop out...

Never send an amateur...

Man... Kakashi gave us the slip yet again, reports from Konohamaru came in and this is what he sent me!

I told him to get me some surveillance shots of Kakashi and what did I get? A picture "WITH" Kakashi.... ahh... kids. We are getting so close to what's going on, but just not completely there yet. I bet Kakashi's having a blast too. I'm gonna have to talk to Konohamaru and teach him on the art of ninjitsu and "hidden surveillance". Ah the frustration. Anyways back to the latest info from our other scouts, hopefully I'll be able to crack the case soon...

Until then this is one tired
Konoha_Cop signing out...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Kakashi under watch!

Hmm looks like Kakashi is out and about somewhere and he won't even report back, Sandaime seems to know what's up, but even he is being a bit vague, keeps saying he went out on a relations mission. We have some surveillance set up and the last location reported was in this inn near the borders of the Leaf Village... Typical Kakashi he seemed to know exactly where the camera's are. Some of us in the investigation unit have been trying to catch a glimpse of his face but yet to no avail. Here are a few pics we got of him... Damn he's quick. In anycase we lost track of him last week, so all we can do now is wait for him to report.

Well back to more paperwork for me and some more investigating, Konoha-maru has been helpful and he's actually out on a field trip on the outer borders with his family, so maybe he'll be able to report in.