Monday, October 31, 2005

9th Entry: Confirmation from the Wave Country!

OK, We finally heard back from Team 7! It turns out the bridge builder Tazuna had a hit put out on him, and has been targeted by renegade ninja. Upgrading what should have been a "C Ranked" mission to at least a "B Ranked" one. They were confronted by the "Demon Brothers" (who where dispatched by Kakashi). And then later by none other then "Momochi Zabuza!" It is reported that a battle ensued between Kakashi's Team and Zabuza and ended with assistance from an ANBU (Assassination and Tactics Special Squad or Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushi Buta in Japanese) from the hidden "Mist Village" who showed up suddenly towards the end of the battle killing Zabuza. The ANBU left with Zabuza's body and shortly thereafter Kakashi collapsed. This information was sent to us by Haruno Sakura member of team 7, (using Kakashi's laptop) who was present for the entire encounter. Attached below is the full report in her own words via E-Mail with pictures.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Haruno Sakura
Date: Oct 31, 2005 3:46 PM
Subject: We have reached the Wind Country but not entirely unharmed.
Attached Files Included: DCIM07623.jpg, DCIM07637.jpg, DCIM07699.jpg , DCIM07702.jpg

This is Haruno Sakura reporting for Team Seven!

Kaka-sensei has collapsed and our mission has run into some serious problems. I really do not know what to do!!! Please send help. I am starting to doubt that we are ready to take on this such a mission. Are we really qualified now to do this? We are only genin and now all this has happened. We might not be able to handle this by ourselves...*.*;;

Apologies for the freak out, I'm just really frightened. Let me start from the beginning.

We had just just left home to go on our mission. In the beginning, it was all normal. There were no real enemy encounters, Naruto was being himself (ie: stupid, dramatic, and totally uncool), and the rest of us were just on a semi-low level of alert (which is was appropriate for a C class mission). All of a sudden something crazy happened! Two ninjas attacked us! I ran to Tasuna-san's side in order to protect him. Kaka-sensei started to fight the ninjas but it seemed as if they killed him. The two then moved on to attack Naruto but he froze and <3 Sasuke-kun <3 saved him ^-^ (he is sooo cool)!! I made sure that the old man was safe (so I had no time for pictures, sorry). Mid fight it almost seemed as if it was going to be the end for Tasuna-san, Sasuke-kun, Naruto, and I but Kaka-sensei finally reappeared and captured the ninjas! It was AWESOME! Kaka-sensei is so amazing!

Naruto was poisoned a bit from a cut one of the Ninja's gave him which almost made us turn back to Konoha so that we could treat the wound. But he got all dramatic again (sigh..typical) and said that we should continue on. Luckily, no one else was injured..... but the fight with the two ninjas raised a couple of issues.

On the boat we took toward the Wave Country Kaka-sensei asked Tazuna-san the real reason he decided to have ninja's protect him. It turned out that Tazuna-san was wanted dead by a guy called Gato, who was hiring ninjas to kill him. It now became clear that this was no ordinary C class mission. This was a B-class.. or A-Class rather. Normal genin aren't supposed to be assigned these types of mission. We should have went home after hearing that, but there was no way we could leave the old man stranded. Even though deep inside I felt weird about that decision I went along with it.. at that point I figured that Kaka-sensei knew what he was doing.

We continued our trip to Wave Country by boat, it was kind cool and romantic, I got to sit next to Sasuke-kun ^-^! As we approach land we get to take a look at the unfinished bridge. We then got off the boat and started walking toward the village that Tazuna-san lives. On the way there Naruto starts being stupid throwing kunai's everywhere like the freak he is and almost killed a poor rabbit. That Naruto he's so noisy sometimes! But, sadly Naruto's obnoxious need for attention was the least of our problems. A couple minutes later, there was another attack. This time by a really scary looking guy Kaka-sensei said was Momochi Zabuza, a "missing nin" who was definitely Kaka-sensei's fighting level. We were told not to get ourselves involved with this fight. Kaka-sensei then uncovered his left eye to show what Sasuke-kun called a Sharingan. Zabuza apparently heard of Kakashi before saying that he was the ninja known to have copied over 1000 jutsus using this special eye. I never would have thought that our sensei was that cool!

I felt so helpless during the fight between Kaka-sensei and Momochi Zabuza. I tried to believe in sensei and it seemed as tho he did have complete control of the situation but then Zabuza trapped Sensei in some kind of water bubble. At that point Kaka-sensei told us to run for it, but it was clear to us that that we would just get killed if we did that anyway. I was really scared yet there was nothing I could do. Just when it seemed like all was lost Naruto and Sasuke-kun managed to free Sensei from the water bubble!! Once that was done Sensei used his "Doujutsu" to stop Zabuza. And then just as Sensei regained control of the situation and was about to finish Zabuza off a young Hunter-nin, about the same age as Naruto, Sasuke-kun, and I showed up and killed Zabuza himself. He then took Zabuza's body and disappeared. You would think that this would make us really happy (which it did for me at least) but somehow Naruto was infuriated with the Hunter-nin because he felt weak compared to him. I just don't get that.... sometimes boys can be sooo dumb when it comes to certain things! Anyway just as we started to head out Kaka-sensei froze in his tracks and collapsed right on his face!!!

As of now, Zabuza is gone but so Kaka-sensei (for the meantime). We are still here in Wave Country and there's no way of telling what's to come. There isn't much time to prepare. I don't see us completing this mission with Kaka-sensei out like this. Please send help if you can!

Haruro Sakura, Team Seven

P.S. I was so useless during Kaka-sensei's fight with Zabuza I took some pictures and which are attached it to this e-mail.

---------- End Forwarded message ----------

So there we have it, we are trying to find some back-up for Team 7 but most of the upper level ninja's are already assigned to more important missions. Hopefully Kakashi-san will return to normal soon. Here are the rest of the pictures included in Haruno's E-Mail.

Monday, October 24, 2005

8th Entry: Kakashi The Sharingan User

Greetings again! Konoha_Cop here.
Unfortunately we have yet to hear from Team 7 and their current mission status in the Wave Country.
We can only speculate on whether they have run into any of the "Rouge Ninjas" reported in the vicinity.
Since we have yet to here back from Kakashi-san, I thought it might be interesting to take this opportunity to fill you in a few lesser know facts about him. I was able to declassify a small amount of information on him from the Ninja Registry Office.

Name: Hatake, Kakashi
Ninja registration number: #009720
Country: Fire Country, Hidden Leaf Village
Age: 26 Height: 181 CM Weight: 67.5 KG
Birthday: September 15th
Bloodtype: O
Sign: Virgo
Father: Hatake, Sakumo (AKA: White Fang)

Kakashi graduated from the academy at age 5 and became a Jounin by the age of 16.
He trained under The 4th Hokage (Status: K.I.A.), also known as the "Yellow Flash". Kakashi's three man team included, Uchiha Obito (Status: K.I.A.), and Rin (Status: N/A)

It is said that Kakashi had gained his "Sharingan" eye around that time.
The Sharingan is an ultra rare special ability known to exist only in members of the "Uchiha Clan". The Sharingan, literally meaning "Copy Wheel Eye", its a very special condition of the eye that occurs naturally in some members of the "Uchiha Clan".
The Sharingan's most well known ability is to be able to memorize any technique that it has been a witness to including Nijutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu techniques. Other abilities of this very special eye include hypnosis, allowing it's user to suggest actions and thoughts to the opponent. The Sharingan also has the very useful ability to see through any illusionary technique. For more info in the Sharingan CLICK HERE!

How Kakashi obtained the sharingan eye is not known at the present time. But, his use of it has made him an infamous and well-regarded shinobi in the ninja community. It has been said that he has copied more than a thousand techniques with it, making Kakashi's arrays of techniques an exceptionally wide one. Included here is a rare photo of Kakashi with his sharingan in action.

Well hopefully we will here from Team 7 soon...
Thanks again for your patience.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

7th Entry: Renegade Ninja's Sighted!!!

Greetings everyone, I'm Konoha_Cop, an Admin on Kakashi's Blog. Since Kakashi is en route to the Wave Country and can't update, I am here to fill everybody in on what's going on. There have been reports from our intelligence that some "Renegade Ninjas have been sighted in the outskirts of Wave Country. Some people are speculating that this might be the "Demon Brothers" or even "Momochi Zabuza" from the Hidden Village of the Mist. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm this at the present time. We are also unable to dispatch any ANBU at the moment to further investigate. Hopefully, this will not cause a problem for Team 7 who are in the nearby vicinity. My one concern is that the Mist Village has listed Kakashi-san a K.O.S. (Kill-On-Sight) Ninja. So I am not sure if it is entirely safe for his team and their client to be out. Then again, Kakashi is an elite ninja and former ANBU member himself, So I am sure he and his team can handle any problem if and when it arises... And until Kakashi arrives at the bridge builders home, we won't know if indeed the rumors are true. Thank you for your time and please feel free to ask me any questions about this journal.

Please Report any sightings of "Momochi Zabuza".
Do not try to apprehend, he is a deadly assassin and you WILL be killed.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

6th Entry: The first couple of Missions.

Well what can I say? Team 7 has been holding up well on their first few missions. Simple stuff so far like finding lost pets, doing repairs and sorts, you know normal Genin stuff (gives me plenty of reading time ^.^). But i can see that they are getting frustrated with what they call "menial tasks" for missions, Genins today always wanting to grow up way too fast.

For instance on Tuesday Naruto gave me a tremendous headache by yelling into our PA system with, "WHY CANT WE GET A BETTER MISSION!!!!!" *sigh* That hurt... But, in a way I don't blame them, but still you have to earn you way up and pay your dues right?
Iruka and Hokage had to explain this to everyone again yesterday when Naruto threw a fit at our last assignment meeting.
Hokage calmly explained the breakdowns of A, B, C, and D type missions, and how one moves up in the ranks by experience and completing missions successfully.
Still though Naruto started to ask me about the different kinds of Ramen I have had while this whole talk was gong on (to be honest i was kind of amused heh heh). Even after this indiscretion, surprisingly enough Sandaime felt bad and assigned us a C rank mission. Bodyguarding and Escorting a man to his home in the "Wave Country" where he has been building a bridge.
Seems simple enough, but of course Naruto still is not satisfied and nearly picks a fight with our client...sigh.
So this will probably be my last entry in kohona for a bit, as we depart in the morning for the country of waves. I'll try to update once I get to the "Wave Country".
Oh and by the way, I got this security pic from the 3rd, He thought it was funny and sent it to me... (To tell you the truth so do I ha ha). Well hope you enjoy as much as I did. I gotta go pack, and also pick up the second volume of Icha Icha~ my old one got wet.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

5th Entry: "Survival Training"

Well today was the big day. "Survival Training" or rather testing out the three to see if they are fit to be Konoha ninja.
The task? Simple I have 2 bells, and all they have to do is get the bells from me by lunch.
The catch? There are only two bells but three students, which means one of them, or ALL of them can fail... Though they have to realize they need to come at me with intent to kill, otherwise they will fail...

Naruto got over-excited as expected, and jumped the gun trying to get the bells from me even before i yelled start.
This was not good sign, (but he does show spirit...) The others are quite cautious and appear to be good at hiding, one of many good ninja traits. During this exercise I thought it would also be good to go over the three basic shinobi skills "Taijustu", "Genjustu" and "Ninjistu" and most of all catch up with some reading of the latest chapter of Icha Icha Paradise (known as Make-out Paradise in the US.) lol.
It was kind of fun watching while they ran around and did the typical things dumb brats would do, like splitting off and trying to get the bells from me by themselves ha ha. Lunch time came and they failed to see what the exercise was about. TEAMWORK!!!!! *sigh* I thought it was another hopeless year... Naruto foolishly tried to fight me one on one (though the several Shadow Clones he produced proved quite impressive). Sakura passed out immediately when i performed a Genjustu technique (haha girls), and Saskue while he surprised me at being able to perform the "Katon Goukaryuu" Uchiha's Fireball Jutsu at such a young age, still did not fair very well (burying him neck high was a nice bonus haha). So i failed them, and told them they should just quit even attempting to be shinobi... Needless to say they were not happy with what i said.
so i gave them one more chance at lunch time, I left them with some time to think and you know what? They surprised me and finally understood what I was trying to drill into there heads. TEAMWORK is the key to everything! and well, they passed!!
Heh heh, these are the 1st students I have ever passed! They really surprised me and the next few weeks should be quite interestingl. So finally team 7 will start it's missions tomorrow!! Now where was I, chapter 8?

Jya na~