Sunday, June 10, 2007

New York Ninja hits 50,000!

Yo Minnasan~

I know you’ve all been wondering what have I been up to, and what was I doing in New York. Just to let you in on some of my missions... I was recently summoned to the Big Apple by an interesting client who deals with very strange goods.

kakashi at NYC comic-con

Upon my arrival I was a little surprised when I discovered that one of the clients was poo ::ehem:: literally. However despite his rather unpleasant smell…I found him to have a rather pleasant personality. He definitely fell into my top 10 most interesting clients list. Here he is sporting a Konoha headband!

kakashi's client

Aside from my escort mission, l also attended an International Order of Ninjas, aka ION conference, on behalf of the leaf village, where I was given the honor of “Ninja of the Year”! I couldn't believe it! It was such a surprise! There are so many great shinobi out there that are just as deserving of this honor as I am. But a big thank you goes out to ION for that. I would also like to thank everyone who visits my blog. WE JUST HIT 50,000 views!

ninja of the year

Lastly after the conference, I was approached by some chocolate company who wanted to do an ad campaign based on my years in Anbu, I must say it was um interesting but I must decline because from this point on missions are about to get intense! But i think you guys may get a laugh out of this as much as I did and I know Naruto would die laughing!

m and m anbu kakashi

We’ll, that’s all for now folks. More to come very soon! Things are clearing up so come back real soon!