Saturday, September 16, 2006

52nd Entry: Ebisu the Specialist

Ohhhhhh, sorry for being late...

Today I went to meet with Naruto at the hospital and as I approached the reception desk, Naruto saw me and asked me to personally train him for the final round of the chuunin exams. He got angry when I told him I was too busy with other things to train him personally. But, in anycase I have arranged for a specialist to work with him. So he needn't worry... His name is Ebisu and he's an elite Jounin teacher who specializes in the basics of Chakra Control, which Naruto needs lots of.
Ebisu the closet pervert

It seems that the two have met before, the second Naruto saw him he was going on about defeating him or something... I have no idea what he was talking about. Basically Naruto was not happy about this. Although Ebisu being a closet pervert? Interesting I'll have to tease Ebisu later about that.
kakashi meets with ebisu and naruto

I tried to explain to Naruto that out of the three, he was the one with the worst basic skills. And Ebisu would be the best suited to teach him preparation for the final rounds. So I asked him to please trust me and listen to Ebisu.
Ebisu's a bit of a stiff, but still a very good teacher. Naruto can use the discipline, and I am sure it will make him stronger. Just as long as he hangs in there and listens to him. Now I have a bit of training I must do for myself before I can move on to work with Saskue and train him for the final round.

Jya' ne

P.S. Oh yea I followed up on Ebisu and Naruto a bit, and little Konohamaru gave me this interesting pic (which I will post here). Looks like Naruto did beat him with his original "Oiroke no Jutsu" (which I have copied ^_^;). Hmm It also seems there has been a pervert peaking into women's hot springs. Interesting~ Well anyways here are the pics!
ebisu vs snj naruto

Friday, September 15, 2006

Birthday Thanks and Anniversary Post!

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes mina!
And many thanks to Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and the others for a great surprise birthday party! I must say this the best form of teamwork ever! I was really surprised!
kakashi's surprise party!

And many many many thanks for all the great Icha Paradise Gifts!
kakashi bday gifts

I really have no idea how they found those Icha Icha PJ's! I especially liked the signed copy of Icha-Paradise Volume 1 Super Premium Edition from Ebisu, I never realized he was into this stuff. I'll ask him more later when I meet with him for some buisness.

Along with my birthday, I just realized that ONE YEAR has passed since I started this blog. So much has happened!
This was my 1st year having students and I must say Naruto, Saskue, and Sakura are all an important part of my life now. They have grown so much and I am very proud to have such an excellent team! There is so much to look forward to. Although ruff waters are ahead, I feel together, as a team, we will be able to overcome any obstacle and achieve greater heights. I would also like to thank everyone who has helped in making this blog a success! All of your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated! And of course to all the fans who visit and leave comments, arigatou! and keep them coming!

Thank you again for everything!

Jya' Ne!

Happy Birthday Kakashi!!!

Greeting's everyone!!! Konoha_cop here!
A very cute little pug told me that today is Kakashi's Birthday!
So from myself, Pakkun, and Team 7. We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to our favorite jounin!

new kakashi cake

May you get all the Icha Paradise premiums your heart desires!!
We hope you like the lil' surprise we've got for you!!! ;-)
More on that later!

So everyone leave you birthday wishes in the comments!


Friday, September 01, 2006

Of Rock and Sand...

The 9th match of the prelims was Gaara from the Sand village vs. Rock Lee, Gai's student. Rock Lee, according to Gai, has absolutely no ninjsutu or genjustu skills at all. Being Gai's specialty, he trained Lee to be a taijustu only expert. Pushing the limits of what one can do with the human body. Gai is a man of extremes and sometimes he tends to take things pretty far with his unorthodox training methods. In Lee's case it both benefitted and hurt him at the same time. This kid really has some heart, he kinds of reminds me of Naruto sometimes.
rock lee

As for Gaara, he uses sand from his gourd that protects him and acts as a barrier. None of Lee's initial attacks worked until he dropped what seemed to be hundreds of pounds of weights hidden in his leg-warmers, whoa... After that his speed increased dramatically. Lee's taijustu skills was truly amazing, it was so fast that he beat the sand shield and landed several blows to what seemed to be an impenetrable defense. It looked for a while that Lee had the advantage. Unfortunately that was not the case. Along with the sand from his gourd, Gaara had sand covering his entire body acting as armor, Gaara retaliated with a barrage of sand attacks that drove Lee down a dangerous path in an attempt to defeat him.
gaara's sand claw revised
Lee used the primary lotus which puts an enormous amount of strain on the body. But when Gaara was unaffected by that, he went on to open five of the eight celestial inner body gates in order to perform the Extreme Lotus. Why did Gai teach such a dangerous technique to that boy i'll never know. Furthermore how can someone so young actually pull it off? That kid really is a genius. Unfortunately for Lee, Gaara survived the extreme lotus and then completely crushed Lee's left arm and leg using his sand jutsu. Right after Gaara attempted to kill Lee, Gai jumped in, ending the match. (Hang in there kid).
lee and gaara

The most gut wrenching sight had to be watching Lee's unconscious body, still standing, through sheer willpower, trying to fight on. This completely tore Gai apart to see his student like this. And what's worse, according to the medic, Lee was so badly injured that he will not be able to continue his life as a shinobi.
I can understand now why Gai did what he did, I probably would done the same if I were in his situation, I'm going to have to take Gai out for some sake later... Since I was wrong in judging his teaching.

The last round of preliminaries finished quickly. It was Chouji from Asuma's squad vs. Dosu from the Sound village. Choji collided with a wall and it was over. Right after the match, I went to check on Saskue at the hospital. Arriving there I found the ANBU I left guarding Saskue all dead. And a genin named Yakushi Kabuto in the room. I asked him what he was doing there and what he wanted with Saskue. And when I brought up Orochimaru, he claimed that there was no way to prove that he had any connection to him. He was being a smart ass which ticked me off a bit. I pushed a little harder to get some information out of him but but he outsmarted me and escaped, jumping out the hospital window. I'm not 100 percent sure what Kabuto's intentions were, but one thing is for certain. If he is working for Orochimaru, things are going to get bad...
kakash looks out window

That's it for now, I have some investigating to do.