Friday, May 04, 2007

Of Spiders and Leaf, The Two Masked Men.

Hai Domo~

Sorry about the long absence! The missions have been non-stop!
I just got back from one in New York. It's Spider-Man Week there, and I ran into an old friend!

Kakashi and Spidey

New York was great tho I still can't seem to find "American" Versions of Icha Icha... sigh, Anyways, I couldn't help but to use my sharigan to see if I can copy any of Spidey's abilties. It yeilded some interesting results!

Kakashi Spidey Week

I really have no clue why the technique made my suit turn black, but in anycase Spidey and I had a kick he gave me some goodies and the whole web out of the hand thing wasn't working, but I will admit his ability to use his Chakara to stick to walls have improved alot since academy days! I'll have more on my special missions next week and then it will be back to Konoha shortly after that!

Great to be back and hope you guys haven't been to lonely!

Jya' ne