Sunday, December 10, 2006

65th Entry: Saskue and Kakashi Return!

Konoha_cop here!

Kakashi-san and Saskue are back!
Looks like the two got back just in the nick of time, and what an entrance it is. WOW! Now it's time for the fight everyone has been waiting for! The whole arena is on fire! I've never heard anything this loud since way back when...(I forget).

dramatic arrival

Gaara versus Uchiha Saskue! Is about to start! Though if I had to fight Gaara I think I would forfeit...that kid scares me alot.
Just a moment ago Naruto and Shikamaru ran over and told me to check out the hallway on the middle teir. What I found was gruesome (please beware this is very graphic...)

bloody hallway at stadium

It's pretty gross. They told me that Gaara did this as he was walking towards the match at hand. He just killed two guys from the land of grass without lifting a finger. (Reports from ANBU confirms that they were gamblers and grifters who rig matches, so i don't feel too bad. But still its pretty grusome). Now I am really worried. It also seems something is going down in the Stadium as well, there are a few ANBU grouped here, I need to go see what this is... Anyways, now that Kakashi is back, I am sure he'll keep everyone up to speed. (At least he knows how to use his PDA/Camera).

Bye for now!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Third Round Round Up!

Konoha_cop here!

I am at the stadium and in the stands reporting the situation as things happen! (I've been a little slow, still trying to figure how these stupid new PDA/Camera things work).

The 3rd round has begun! And we started out with a terrific battle! Uzumaki Naruto vs Hyuuga Neji!
Naruto won in an amazing upset over Neji. No matter how many hits Neji landed Naruto just kept on fighting. He showed some amazing strength, stamina, and smarts! The only picture I got from this match was this amazing technique Naruto mastered! (He kindly did it for me again after the match)! To think a genin can pull this off!

Naruto's Kage Bunshin

The next match was suppose to be Gaara from the Sand village vs. Uchiha Sasuke, but Kakashi and Sasuke are still no where to be found. And for some reason the Hokage decided to delay the match till the end. So the following match became Kankuro from the Sand village vs. Aburame Shino, but in a surprising turn of events Kankuro forfeited the match. So Shino won by default. Right after that it was Nara Shikamaru vs Temari also from Sand. Now this was an interesting match. A battle of strategists it seemed. Even though Shikamaru lost by giving up in the end (I have no idea why, he WON)!, he showed some very mature skills for a shinobi his age. He is someone to keep an eye on, he may oneday make a good feild leader.

So that's it for now, everyone is waiting to see if Sasuke shows up. As I look around here everyone is getting restless.
More as it happens! (and I promise I'll figure this PDA/Camera soon, so I can take more pics)!!


Friday, December 01, 2006

Troublesome Days in Konoha

Konoha_cop here!

I just want to apologize for delays on our end, it seems that someone's been tampering with our systems here at the Hokage's office. A few nights back we found a small set of explosion notes hidden in the office. It took a while to make sure any and all traps were removed. Thankfully everything is now back up running smoothly.
So thank you all, for your patience!

It seems like Kakashi has gone missing again. Pakkun told me that he's off training Sasuke. The thing is the third round of the Chuunin exams are about to begin and no one has heard from them! Some folks are a bit concerned. Personally, I just think Kakashi is just going to be late again. I just hope not too late, or Sasuke will risk being disqualified from the match.

Things are really hopping in Konaha right now. Orochimaru resurfacing, and the Chuunin exams, all the delegates from other countries including the Kazekage from the Sand Village all in Konoha. Security and ANBU troops are stretched thin. Everybody is working hard to keep Konoha running smoothly. But too many strange events have been going on. I have to agree with Kakashi-san in an earlier post that something big is gonna happen. If anybody and anybody sees anything suspicious report it directly to our Jounins and ANBU squads. (I have also included a pic just in case you don't know what our ANBUs look like).


If your lucky you'll be able to aproach one of them. But if not please just go to our Jounins, and official security.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

55th Entry: Training...

In light of recent events, I've started a new rigorous training regimen. I fear I may have gotten a bit soft in the last year. Especially after the run in I had with Kabuto. I've joined Gai for his morning workout sessions starting last week. It's intense and a bit over the top, however, training with Gai isn't enough...

I've decided add rock climbing to my training as well. It's been a very long time since I've done so and I must admit it really showed. *Sigh*, I had trouble just getting over some of the rougher parts of the mountain which if it had been five or six years ago would have been a piece of cake.

kakashi rock climbing

Sasuke finally decided to join me, so we can begin his training for the final round of the Chuunin exams. It's going to be a ruff couple of weeks but we'll both come out stronger in the end. Okay well, breaks over! Sorry this one had to be short, I'll see everyone once training is complete!

Jya' ne

Saturday, November 04, 2006

54th Entry: R.I.P. Hayate Gekkou

hayate funeral

Things have been hectic here lately in Konoha, we have had several attempts of blog tampering from outside sources (possibly the Sound). But since then a few events have occured and one which saddens me alot, and that is the passing of Hayate Gekkou, something is a midst here and I have to find out what is going on, and I have a feeling Kabuto is involved... So for now i leave you these images to remember Hayate by.

Hayate Dash

Hayate Sit

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone, it's Pakkun...
I just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. I also wanted to apologize on Kakashi's behalf. He's been training so much lately no one sees him anymore! However, yesterday I was lucky enough to bump into kakashi while in costume and Konoha Cop snapped this picture for me~

Halloween 2006

Stop calling me cute... I'm crabby!!
I'm going out on a search for Kakashi now... thinking about taking some pictures of him in training for you all to see ^.^

Punni punni

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

53rd Entry: Jiraiya

Well it looks like my assumptions were correct. Ebisu just confirmed with me that the Leaf Village's Jiraiya has returned to the Fire Country looking for Orochimaru. The situation seems to be more serious then I had expected. I may have to train myself in order to prepare for what's to come. In anycase Jirarya's timely appearance turned out to be quite favorable for Naruto-kun. Seems like those two have developed a sort of liking to each other and from what I've heard from the third it also looks like those two have a couple of things in common. I have a pretty good feeling only good things will come from this (and.... maybe just maybe, I can get Naruto to get me a signed copy of Icha Icha Paradise, or even better... a sneak at his next, very highly anticipated, novel !!!~♡~!!!). *Ehem*, after the important things are dealt with of course.

Well I'm off, I need to prepare a couple of things...

Jya Ne~

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

30,000 Hits!

What can else can I say but... sorry I'm late! Either way lets start with this to make it up...

30,000 hits!

Everyone here really makes being a Jounin so much more worth it. You guys really show the power of Hidden Leaf Village! Thank you so much for all the support!

Most Honored~

Saturday, September 16, 2006

52nd Entry: Ebisu the Specialist

Ohhhhhh, sorry for being late...

Today I went to meet with Naruto at the hospital and as I approached the reception desk, Naruto saw me and asked me to personally train him for the final round of the chuunin exams. He got angry when I told him I was too busy with other things to train him personally. But, in anycase I have arranged for a specialist to work with him. So he needn't worry... His name is Ebisu and he's an elite Jounin teacher who specializes in the basics of Chakra Control, which Naruto needs lots of.
Ebisu the closet pervert

It seems that the two have met before, the second Naruto saw him he was going on about defeating him or something... I have no idea what he was talking about. Basically Naruto was not happy about this. Although Ebisu being a closet pervert? Interesting I'll have to tease Ebisu later about that.
kakashi meets with ebisu and naruto

I tried to explain to Naruto that out of the three, he was the one with the worst basic skills. And Ebisu would be the best suited to teach him preparation for the final rounds. So I asked him to please trust me and listen to Ebisu.
Ebisu's a bit of a stiff, but still a very good teacher. Naruto can use the discipline, and I am sure it will make him stronger. Just as long as he hangs in there and listens to him. Now I have a bit of training I must do for myself before I can move on to work with Saskue and train him for the final round.

Jya' ne

P.S. Oh yea I followed up on Ebisu and Naruto a bit, and little Konohamaru gave me this interesting pic (which I will post here). Looks like Naruto did beat him with his original "Oiroke no Jutsu" (which I have copied ^_^;). Hmm It also seems there has been a pervert peaking into women's hot springs. Interesting~ Well anyways here are the pics!
ebisu vs snj naruto

Friday, September 15, 2006

Birthday Thanks and Anniversary Post!

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes mina!
And many thanks to Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and the others for a great surprise birthday party! I must say this the best form of teamwork ever! I was really surprised!
kakashi's surprise party!

And many many many thanks for all the great Icha Paradise Gifts!
kakashi bday gifts

I really have no idea how they found those Icha Icha PJ's! I especially liked the signed copy of Icha-Paradise Volume 1 Super Premium Edition from Ebisu, I never realized he was into this stuff. I'll ask him more later when I meet with him for some buisness.

Along with my birthday, I just realized that ONE YEAR has passed since I started this blog. So much has happened!
This was my 1st year having students and I must say Naruto, Saskue, and Sakura are all an important part of my life now. They have grown so much and I am very proud to have such an excellent team! There is so much to look forward to. Although ruff waters are ahead, I feel together, as a team, we will be able to overcome any obstacle and achieve greater heights. I would also like to thank everyone who has helped in making this blog a success! All of your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated! And of course to all the fans who visit and leave comments, arigatou! and keep them coming!

Thank you again for everything!

Jya' Ne!

Happy Birthday Kakashi!!!

Greeting's everyone!!! Konoha_cop here!
A very cute little pug told me that today is Kakashi's Birthday!
So from myself, Pakkun, and Team 7. We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to our favorite jounin!

new kakashi cake

May you get all the Icha Paradise premiums your heart desires!!
We hope you like the lil' surprise we've got for you!!! ;-)
More on that later!

So everyone leave you birthday wishes in the comments!


Friday, September 01, 2006

Of Rock and Sand...

The 9th match of the prelims was Gaara from the Sand village vs. Rock Lee, Gai's student. Rock Lee, according to Gai, has absolutely no ninjsutu or genjustu skills at all. Being Gai's specialty, he trained Lee to be a taijustu only expert. Pushing the limits of what one can do with the human body. Gai is a man of extremes and sometimes he tends to take things pretty far with his unorthodox training methods. In Lee's case it both benefitted and hurt him at the same time. This kid really has some heart, he kinds of reminds me of Naruto sometimes.
rock lee

As for Gaara, he uses sand from his gourd that protects him and acts as a barrier. None of Lee's initial attacks worked until he dropped what seemed to be hundreds of pounds of weights hidden in his leg-warmers, whoa... After that his speed increased dramatically. Lee's taijustu skills was truly amazing, it was so fast that he beat the sand shield and landed several blows to what seemed to be an impenetrable defense. It looked for a while that Lee had the advantage. Unfortunately that was not the case. Along with the sand from his gourd, Gaara had sand covering his entire body acting as armor, Gaara retaliated with a barrage of sand attacks that drove Lee down a dangerous path in an attempt to defeat him.
gaara's sand claw revised
Lee used the primary lotus which puts an enormous amount of strain on the body. But when Gaara was unaffected by that, he went on to open five of the eight celestial inner body gates in order to perform the Extreme Lotus. Why did Gai teach such a dangerous technique to that boy i'll never know. Furthermore how can someone so young actually pull it off? That kid really is a genius. Unfortunately for Lee, Gaara survived the extreme lotus and then completely crushed Lee's left arm and leg using his sand jutsu. Right after Gaara attempted to kill Lee, Gai jumped in, ending the match. (Hang in there kid).
lee and gaara

The most gut wrenching sight had to be watching Lee's unconscious body, still standing, through sheer willpower, trying to fight on. This completely tore Gai apart to see his student like this. And what's worse, according to the medic, Lee was so badly injured that he will not be able to continue his life as a shinobi.
I can understand now why Gai did what he did, I probably would done the same if I were in his situation, I'm going to have to take Gai out for some sake later... Since I was wrong in judging his teaching.

The last round of preliminaries finished quickly. It was Chouji from Asuma's squad vs. Dosu from the Sound village. Choji collided with a wall and it was over. Right after the match, I went to check on Saskue at the hospital. Arriving there I found the ANBU I left guarding Saskue all dead. And a genin named Yakushi Kabuto in the room. I asked him what he was doing there and what he wanted with Saskue. And when I brought up Orochimaru, he claimed that there was no way to prove that he had any connection to him. He was being a smart ass which ticked me off a bit. I pushed a little harder to get some information out of him but but he outsmarted me and escaped, jumping out the hospital window. I'm not 100 percent sure what Kabuto's intentions were, but one thing is for certain. If he is working for Orochimaru, things are going to get bad...
kakash looks out window

That's it for now, I have some investigating to do.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back from mission! Preliminary matches update!

Yo mina-san! With decent bed time and lots of Icha Paradise, I've finally recovered from the previous mission. Because a lot has happened since let's get right back into what's going on. Naruto was in a pretty tough match against Inuzuka Kiba but, he has really grown since the exams has begun. Not only has he gotten physically stronger but he also showed ingenuity and smarts by using Kiba's own justus against him in battle.
who's top dog

Now that I’ve said all the good things about Naruto I think I can go into telling you that he won because he passed some gas. I’m not trying to negate what I just said about him because it's all true. However, in this particular fight you just can’t leave out the fact that his unexpected “breaking-of-the-wind” aided him in his victory by giving him an opening to attack Kiba with his new technique, Uzumaki Naruto Combo, which was surprisingly similar to Sasuke's move from before (ha.. everything about his move was a copy including the name… yet who am I to talk ^.~).
naruto fart's and wins

Fart or no fart, I am very proud of Naruto. He has so much potential and the greatest strength (the greatest strength does that fit at this moment?) even though he might not know it yet.
huuyga fight 2

This fight was followed by what was probably the worst match-up's possible. Hyuuga Hinata versus Hyuuga Neji. Although they are related there is a lot of hate that exists on Neji’s end. The Hyuuga family is the oldest, most elite clan in Konoha. However, despite of all this… or maybe I should say that because of this they are a divided house. Hinata, is a member of the main branch and Neji is part of the secondary branch. It is because of this that Neji is resentful.

The Hyuuga Clan, like the Uchiha, also possess a bloodline limit known as Byakugan. Byakugan exceeds the ability of the Sharingan as far as insight. It enables one to see the Chakra Circulatory System, also known as Tenketsu, that exists within a person. This, coupled with the Hyuuga’s special hand-to-hand combat called "The Gentle Fist" or Juken enables one to cause direct damage to the chakra circulatory system and internal organs. The smallest blow can be lethal.
huuyga fight 1

The power of the Hyuuga is an amazing thing to witness, albeit in this situation it was not. Neji who was clearly superior at using Hyuuga’s fighting style, managed to completely stop Hinata’s chakra flow. Most believed that the fight was over but Hinata kept going. She didn’t give up despite all of her injuries. It was ugly til the very end when Gai, Kurenai, Hayate and I had to jump in order to stop Neji from killing Hinata.

After it was over Hinata was in Critial Condition and had to be taken to the emergency room immediately. Naruto who had been cheering for her the entire time was furious. He wiped some of Hinata’s blood off the floor and swore to her that he would win against Neji in a fight.

Now that these two fights are over, there are just 4 more genin left including that boy from sand... who I have a bad feeling about.

Jya Ne~

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Team Kakashi out on missions!

Sorry I'm late, a black cat crossed my well actually all of Team Kakashi has been extremely busy!

kakashi at otakon

I would like to apologize for my delays. I'll be out on a couple of convention missions and assignments. If you are going to be at Otakon this coming weekend keep an eye out for myself, Team 7 and the Ninja Journals crew. I'll be back on schedule very soon! Ah where did I put my book? The wind is nice..

Jya' ne!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What's Kakashi doing here???

Greetings!! Konoha_cop here!
I was digging around some records at the ninja registration office and I found this unlabeled videotape.
It seems some time back Kakashi-san took part in some ninja exchange program. He stayed in some place called New Jersey, United States. Anyways after more digging I fond it was actually an S class infiltration mission to assassinate a fake "Ask a Ninja" apparently he is quite famous in the western area of that country. Here is part of the footage I could find...

Well, I am off! I am going to check out the of third round preliminaries!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

43rd Entry: Weapons in the Wind...

After the end of Sakura and Ino's battle there was another kunoichi match-up: Tenten, of Team Gai, and Temari, of the Sand Village.
Tenten starts match

Tenten specializes in weapons, therefore it was only natural that her first attack involved a barrage of shuriken all aimed for Temari. Surprisingly, every single one missed her. This was totally out of character for Tenten as her aim is impeccable. Gai suggested that something made Tenten miss on purpose. It turned out that Temari deflected the shuriken away with a large fan. Tenten resumed to fighting using her weapon techniques, but nothing proved to be effective. As her last resort she performed Soushouryu (Rising Twin Dragons).
Tenten Intro

I heard from Gai later that she was saving this technique for the final part of the Chunnin exam. Unfortunately, Temari was able to block it completely. She then sent a gust of wind that pulled Tenten up into a mini tornado full of chakra. The fight was put to a violent end when Tenten fell out of the air and on to Temari’s metal fan. It was rather painful to watch. The Genin from the Sand village are definitely a formidable and cold group...
Tenten Loses

This match was followed by Nara Shikamaru versus Kin Tsunchi. Shikamaru was always a pretty lazy kid without any stand out qualities, he's just quiet and likes to blend in. Despite all this, Shikamaru used his surroundings and very keen observations to layout an extremely advanced plan to defeat his opponent. Combined with his families unique abilities, The Kage Mane no Jutsu (Shadow Imitation Technique), it was a quick win for him (..and some what amusing). I see why Azuma plays "Shogi" with him all the time.

It's days like this that really bring out the competitive spirit in people. Rock Lee has been jumping around for the last few minutes anxious to fight (so is Naruto). Man, Lee is really is like Gai when he was young. sigh...

Monday, July 17, 2006

42nd Entry: Sakura Blooms

Sakura and Ino have been giving their all.
Sakura shows off some very clever basic battle techniques. She combines normal replication techniques and chakra to boost her speed to confuse and hit Ino. Very nice. Her ability to circulate Chakra throughout the entire body and use it at the right time is top notch. Naruto and Sasuke could learn a thing or two from her.
At this point it looks like Ino and Sakura are evenly matched. They have been fighting for 10 minutes. Sakura continues with her taunting and Ino is enraged to the point that she cuts off her hair and throws it towards Sakura. Ino then decides to use the Mind Transfer Technique to make Sakura give up.
This is a risky decision. The Mind Transfer Technique is a technique in which the user releases his/her mind energy and hits the enemy with it to control the opponent’s mind for a few minutes. Although a powerful technique it has a weakness, mind energy travels slowly in a straight line which leaves openings. If the user misses the mind energy won’t return to the user for a few minutes prohibiting the user from moving. All Sakura has to do to win, is to simply dodge it. If Ino misses Sakura can basically beat her into a pulp.

Sakura runs and Ino performs the Mind Transfer Technique. It misses and Ino falls to the floor. Sakura walks towards Ino but Sakura is tied down by a string filled with Chakra. Ino was only pretending that she formed the seal to lure Sakura into the trap. The string is a special string made by running Chakra through the hair she threw on the ground. Now that Sakura can’t move, Ino performs the Mind Transfer Technique and it hits Sakura. The technique succeeded. Things looked bad.

Ino has now taken over Sakura’s mind. It seems as though this battle is over. Ino raises her hand to make Sakura give up.
Naruto yells at Sakura to tell her to stop. Suddenly Ino, who is still inside Sakura, is in pain. It seems Sakura's mind is fighting Ino. She can’t take it and returns to her own body. Now this is not an easy feat, one can’t easily kick out the user. It's true that Ino’s Chakra was limited but Sakura's spirit and will power was stronger. And that spirit was awakened by Naruto’s voice as he was yelling at her at the time from the balcony.
Now it will all come down to brute force..

Revised Sakura and Ino punch

Both are exhausted. one more hit will decide the outcome. Sakura and Ino both run and punch each other. They hit each other’s face simultaneously and they both pass out. Double KO. That's is a 1st. Asuma and I pop down and get bring the two back up to the balcony so they can rest. All in all, I am very proud of Sakura. I really feel that it was a good decision for me to have them take part in the exams this year. She really has grown far beyond my expectations.

Passed out Ino and Sakura

Sunday, July 16, 2006

MasterCard Sharingan 2! Ohaiyo Kakashi!

Konichiwa Minnasan, Pakkun desu! Heh heh heh Kakashi has a new commercial up for konoha! Hope you enjoy it, i can't type much because of my PUNNNNNNI PUNNNNNNI PADS! So here ya go!

...and before anybody says it "I AM NOT CUTE"!


Sunday, July 09, 2006

41st Entry: Flower vs The Flower Shop

The preliminaries continue with a quick yet interesting match between Kankurou, of the sand, and Tsurugi Misumi, of Hidden Leaf Village. Kankurou is a puppet master who uses his chakra to control a marionette. This is a pretty rare skill. It has been such a long time since I have seen someone use it in action. During the fight, I overheard Naruto say that prelims were full of “weirdo's”. Ha, like he should talk... After Kankuro won, the match ended and the board displayed the participants selected for the next match. Sakura looked up in shock as the sign read "Sakura Haruno versus Ino Yamanaka".

This fight proved to be an indispensable lesson for everyone. One of the most important and defining characteristics of a true shinobi is having the self-control to set all emotions aside in order to get the job done successfully. Possessing strong feelings can cloud ones capacity of making logical decisions during a mission. This can lead to serious outcomes like death of oneself…or worse, one's teammates.

Sakura and Ino having a good stare

As far as I’m concerned Ino and Sakura both fail in this category. At the fight's onset it was already clear that this was not a fight between shinobi, it was a fight between friends. It was childish and everyone in the crowd saw it. At one point Ino actually resorted to smacking Sakura (フフフ~). However, as juvenile as this was it actually ended up getting Sakura into the mindset that she should have been in in the first place. I saw the willingness to fight in her eyes as she put on her Konoha headband. It looks like Team Seven’s flower is about to bloom...

Sakura vs. Ino


Saturday, July 01, 2006

40th Entry: Darkness Looms

kakashi sees someone in distance

Things have gone from bad to worse, Orochimaru showed up while I was performing the Sealing Jutsu on Sasuke's Cursed Seal. It seems he has plans for Sasuke and I must admit I am disturbed by this. I've reported to the Hokage's office and have been instructed to inform about this unexpected turn of events. Stay on guard, he is in the nearby area..

Orochimaru in dark room

Orochimaru mentioned that he is envious because I possess a "Sharingan Eye", or more so the "Uchiha Clan's Sharingan Eye", and the powers it holds. Orochimaru also mentioned he was the one who created the "Hidden Village of Sound" to slowly build his position. Clearly his goal is to overthrow the "Hidden Leaf Village" and gain power. How Sasuke plays into this I am not sure, but it seems as though Orochimaru plans to use him as his trophy pawn.


At this point in the conversation I figured the only way I could stop him is with "Chidori". I will not let him get one of my team members. Without a single flinch, Orochimaru laughs at me and explains that neither my seal nor my powers can stop the path that Sasuke has begun because Sasuke is an avenger and that no matter what, in time Sasuke will seek him out to gain more power. It seems Orochimaru has been keeping an eye on the Uchiha for quite some time now.

For the first time in a long while I saw my own death. His words echoed in my head "...that is unless you kill me like you just said you would. Go ahead and try if you can." Before I could react he was gone... The Legendary San-Nin are to be feared...

...As for Sasuke, I dropped him off at the infirmary and have stationed ANBU to keep watch. I'll keep an eye out back at the main test area, it sounds like Shino from Kurenai's squad has defeated one of the Sound Ninja.


Monday, June 26, 2006

39th Entry: Uchiha versus The Cursed Seal

The first participants of the preliminary exam were Sasuke and Yoroi Akadou. In Sasuke’s current state, Yoroi is not exactly what you would call an ideal opponent. Yoroi has a special ability that allows him to suck out chakra by using his hands. Because the curse seal also sucks chakra, Sasuke could lose his life simply by activating Sharingan. Despite of this, I did not feel like it was necessary to stop him from participating in the preliminaries. I believe in my students and I understand their willing to compete, especially Sasuke.

Team 7 watches Sasuke fight

As soon as the fight began it was clear that Sasuke was having difficulty. The situation was getting worse and worse by the second. Just when it looked like it could have been it for Sasuke, he pulled out the "Shadow Dance Technique,” a move that, surprisingly enough, belonged to Gai (Sasuke must of have copied from Rock Lee when they fought just before the start of the Chuunin Exam).

Although Sasuke did win this match, I am taking it as my responsibility to do what I can about the Curse Seal. I have set up an area to perform Fuuja Houin (Evil Suppressor). Hopefully this will prevent it from doing any more harm than it already has.

Kakashi props up Sasuke

On a sidenote, Gai told me that Sasuke reminded him of how I used to be in my younger days. Although I usually disregard Gai’s comments due to his sheer eccentricity, I couldn’t help but agree with him on this one… go figure.

Jya Ne~

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

38th Entry: Chuunin preliminary matches

Now that the Hokage has finished his announcement, another Jounin, Gekkou Hayate steps in to explain that there will be preliminary matches starting immediately to see who gets to advance to the Third Exam’s main battle because there are still too many examinees left.


Due to a time limit within the 3rd exam, the excess of examinees can not continue as it is. The preliminaries will be one-on-one battles. Hayate starts off by letting any examinees who want to quit do so now so that they can begin with the preliminary match immediately. While the rest of the explanation is going on, I notice that Sasuke is in pain, from the new cursed scar on his neck.
The Hokage and Anko notices as well. Anko suggests that Sasuke should be taken out of the exam and be escorted out by ANBU. I tell Anko that it won’t be so easy to convince Sasuke to quit, he's quite a stubborn kid. Anko replies that she will take him out by force if necessary, because the cursed seal is reacting when Sasuke tries to mold Chakra, extracting energy from him. She is amazed by how Sasuke can withstand the cursed seal so well because a normal person would have died.
The Hokage decides to let Sasuke continue because he is worried about Orochimaru’s warning to not end the exam. he continues to say that if the cursed seal acts up and Sasuke’s power is uncontrollable, then he will be stopped.
Hayate continues that there will be 10 matches and the winners will advance to the next round. There are no rules. The examinee wins when their opponents dies, is knocked out, or gives up. If the judge sees that the match is over, he will stop the match to prevent unnecessary deaths. The bulletin board will randomly determine who will fight in the match and as it starts the first names that appear is Yoroi versus Sasuke. (great...)
Ah... Just as we all left the grounds to watch from the balcony, I passed Sasuke and and warned him not to use the Sharingan, and if the cursed seal becomes active, I told him I will jump in and cancel the match.
Kakashi warning Saskue...

I hope Sasuke doesn't try anything stupid and risk his neck literally. Hope this goes well...
For now all I can do is stand here and watch... and somebody tell me why is Gai still on fire... *sigh*
gai and kakashi

Jya Ne~

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

37th Entry: 2nd Exam Completed. The Rookie 9 Pass!

Hey Guys before I write this blog, I'll be off on assignment at a con in the land of NJ!

kakashi at a con

Ok on with my report!
The second exam is finally over. A total of 21 genins passed. And it seems as though the rookie 9 have ALL passed as well! This is Excellent! For Asuma, Kurenai, and myself its a proud moment. We proved the other jounin teachers wrong in their assumptions that our students were to green to make it this far in the exam...
Iruka went off in the Hokage's office at all of us for nominating them, and Guy as well! He made the argument that the students still needed to "Blossom with more fiery ferocity of youth explosion first before taking the exam", whatever that means.
Wow, it really makes me smile to see Gai squirm around and go crazy like he does sometimes.
I do wonder what he is thinking. Just a little. I think its just best if I ignore him for now. Or he's just going to challenge to to do something ridiculous. I can just see him out of the corner of my eye, just shaking his fist. LOL!

Well, now the students have been told about the true nature of the Exam. I already explained it in another post, if you do not know you can check HERE!

Some of Genins were not happy about this bit of news. And its understandable. But as Lord Hokage explained, this is a vital and necessary thing to do in order to uphold and protect the prestige of which ever country they are from. It's a show of power. And the way each ninja villages brings funds into the economy. If we show weakness then we will not get the clients needed to keep us running. "The strength of the country is the strength the village. The strength of the village is the strength of the shinobi. And a shinobi's true strength is born only thru battle."

Well now let just see how the this will all turn out... Geez I hope Guy would just stop glowing over there...
that's it for now.



Tuesday, June 06, 2006

36th Entry: My morning off...

Well I enjoyed a nice morning off today, and since I still had a few more yen left over from my "Extra Missions." I decided to go to the new "Konoha Ringo Store" and see about perhaps getting a new laptop.

kakashi at mac store

They have these new ones that now come in black! Very very nice! Perfect for those stealth missions and matches most of my wardrobe! I really like the little camera they have built in on these new ones. I messed around with it for a while and got some neat pics. They are pretty funny so I decided to share one of them for the sake of sharing.

pop art kakashi

After leaving there, I was hungry. So I figured I would go to my favorite food cart near the book store called Mr.C.
Sadly, it was closed. So I was denied Salt-Broiled Saury I was craving. Maybe I'll just go to the Ramen Shop near the school.

kakashi denied food

It's almost time for me to head over to the parade grounds near the office and back to work!
The second chunin exam is about to end. I just got word that my team made it to the tower just in time!
I knew they can do it. I am very proud of them. They have grown so much in the short time now that we have been together as a team. I look forward to greeting them and congratulating them on their accomplishment . Unfortunately they are not out of the woods just yet. There is still one more exam to go, and I heard that Saskue has been injured, more precisely he has been cursed.
According to the higher ups, it seems that my team did indeed run into Orochimaru and that he left a cursed mark on Saskue. Why? I have my suspicions. Which I will not go into until I am sure.
Things have defiantly gotten more troublesome. Naruto is already a handful, with his "special problem" and now Saskue is on Orochimaru's hit list. What will be next? I might be over my head this time...

Well that's it for now time to me to get going, I am already running late!


Friday, June 02, 2006

20,000 HITS!!

SNJ 20000 Hits!

Well HK here with a huge "ARIGATOU"! Everyone who has visited and commented and have made this site a hit among the Naruto Community has left me speechless~! Team 7 and all the Nins that appeared so far and for those to come Thank You and Thank You in advance. It gives me and the Media Jounins energy and inspiration to keep on making this site enjoyable and entertaining for all you fans out there! So again as it has become some what of a tradition, the all time favorite Kakashi SnJ makes her appearance again! Can't wait to see everyone at 30,000!

Jya Ne,

P.S. For those who missed SnJ's last appearence click HERE!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

35th Entry: Some down time...

I just got off patrol and I have a few hours to just relax and catch up on some reading. I am very excited because I have something new to read! (well sort of...he he he) I finally got around to picking up the boxes Konoha_cop had been so nice to hold for me at the office.
Now I am the proud owner of a brand new set of hardcover, limited edition, numbered, and signed copies of the full set of Icha Icha Paradise novels!
All I can say is WOW!! They are amazing! I can't wait to put them on my book case with the rest of my collection of p... books! These books sure did not come cheap either! I had to do a couple of extra-speical overtime missions in order to afford these! Including a few A-Rank missions that almost landed me in the hospital. But I managed to avoid any serious injury. As dangerous as they were, they was ALOT of fun. Unorthodox, but fun! I spent a week running a Host Club while the owners were away. If you have no idea what a host club is you can check it out Here...
kakashi the host

It was a very good learning experience... Though so some folks at the Hokage's missions office, (coughkonohacopcough) will never let me live it down. You know what though? It was worth it!!! Every single minute. Maybe if I ever decide to retire from shinobi work I can open up my own place.... hmmmm.
kakashi at club

Nah, I love teaching. I wouldn't mind doing that again though, helps me pay for Icha books faster lol...Uh um well, that's it for now. The 2nd exam should be over soon. And I will get to see how my team faired...

Jya' ne


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

34th Entry: Chunnin Exams Update

Greetings all, so all seems to be moving along despite our recent turn of events...
The chuunin exams are continuing. And we unfortunately still have not been able to locate the rogue ninja Orochuimaru. ANBU squads and Speical Jounin's (including Kakashi) have been despatched all over the village and outside the village to keep watch. But it has been very quiet.
Too quiet for my taste, I have to agree with Kakashi-san, something big is going to happen, I just hope everyone is prepared.
In the mean time all we can to is be vigilant and continue doing what we need to do.
Back at Area 44, AKA the "Forest of Death" a good deal of teams have been eliminated. Ninjas from the land of Rain and Grass out of of the running, we even lost a couple of teams from the Leaf, but none of the rookies have flunked out so far. The "Rookie 9" seems to still be going strong. I am sure their Jounin teachers would be proud, but there are still a few more days left in the exam, and anything can happen. Other ninjas are not the only things one should fear in the forest. The forest itself is pretty dangerous and the creatures that live in it can be as deadly if not more deadly then any shinobi. Hell, I wouldn't want to out there myself. It's not picnic for me and I'm a Jounin.

As far as the status of some of the other teams, their have been reports that there was a particularly nasty run in with some of the ninjas from the sound village, but nothing can be confirmed for the moment.
One surprising thing did happen. The record for passing the second exam was broken in a big way. The 3 man cell comprising of Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari of the Sand made it to the tower with both scrolls in just 1 hour and 37 minutes!
That's destroying the previous record by four whole hours! What's even more amazing is that the group seems completely uninjured. It's as if they just took a leisurely stroll. Very strange. If is wasn't for the time time on the security tape, I wouldn't believe it. Though that one kid with the gord on his back I saw on the tape gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Well that's it for now. Hopefully we'll get a report from Kakashi and the others soon.
In the meantime. Be alert and be safe!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

33rd Entry : Other ninja clans.

Hello all!
Sorry I am late, I have been busy investigating a few things. I'm having some suspicions about some of the recent events. So I have been trying to connect all the dots.
The reappearance of Orochimauru, the chuunin exams, the new ninja clans that have emerged this time around...
Something is up, and I am trying to put my finger on it. I feel they are all connected. Something bad, REAL BAD, is coming down the line. I just hope I can sort this out in time to hopefully prevent some of it.

As you may or may not know the the real purpose of the Chuunin Exam is to confirm the level of the ninja in each adjacent country and try to balance out the power. In other words it a show of strength to see which village is "Top Dog".
This is done this manner so there won’t be any wars. Beforehand whenever on country wanted to show their superiority in manpower, they would do so by declaring war on the rival ninja village. This made things very bloody and messy for many many years.. and in the long wrong didn't really benefit anyone. So when the war finally ended. This "exam" was proposed as an alternate way rank the major ninja clans.

There are 5 major ninja clans. The break down like this right now.

1. Hokage (火影, literally "Fire Shadow", Kage of Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf))
2. Kazekage (風影, literally "Wind Shadow", Kage of Sunagakure (Hidden Sand))
3. Mizukage (水影, literally "Water Shadow", Kage of Kirigakure (Hidden Mist))
4. Tsuchikage (土影, literally "Earth Shadow", Kage of Iwagakure (Hidden Rock))
5. Raikage (雷影, literally "Lightning Shadow", Kage of Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud)

There are other smaller clans here and there but are not consider major players in the ninja community.
Now participating in this years exam are all of these villages and the sound village.
Sound? I never heard about them till recently, as a matter of fact, only in this past year. They are a new village that seemed to pop out of nowhere. Considered a minor player in the exams, they seem to have some connection to Orochimaru. How exactly is what I am trying to find out now. I have not been able to find out many clues. The only thing I was told so far is that he had mentioned them to Anko when she has that initial run in with him in the Forest of Death.
Also it seems my team also ran into the sound.

Happily, I have been informed that my team is doing well and managed thru there run in with them. I have faith that they will do well and pass the exam. I just hope that they don't run into Orochimaru, that would really be a tragedy.

Back to the Villages, and the Sound/Oro connection... So with the the leaf hosting the Chuunin exams security has gotten tight. But on the same note I am not sure that we are properly equipped to handle the mass amount of people showing up for the exams... The Anbu and Police force in Konoha have been scaled back significantly in the last few years. hmmmm....
Well I have to go, I will get to the bottom of this, soon.


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