Sunday, December 10, 2006

65th Entry: Saskue and Kakashi Return!

Konoha_cop here!

Kakashi-san and Saskue are back!
Looks like the two got back just in the nick of time, and what an entrance it is. WOW! Now it's time for the fight everyone has been waiting for! The whole arena is on fire! I've never heard anything this loud since way back when...(I forget).

dramatic arrival

Gaara versus Uchiha Saskue! Is about to start! Though if I had to fight Gaara I think I would forfeit...that kid scares me alot.
Just a moment ago Naruto and Shikamaru ran over and told me to check out the hallway on the middle teir. What I found was gruesome (please beware this is very graphic...)

bloody hallway at stadium

It's pretty gross. They told me that Gaara did this as he was walking towards the match at hand. He just killed two guys from the land of grass without lifting a finger. (Reports from ANBU confirms that they were gamblers and grifters who rig matches, so i don't feel too bad. But still its pretty grusome). Now I am really worried. It also seems something is going down in the Stadium as well, there are a few ANBU grouped here, I need to go see what this is... Anyways, now that Kakashi is back, I am sure he'll keep everyone up to speed. (At least he knows how to use his PDA/Camera).

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

I think there's a moral somewhere: don't gamble or...or...some kid will kill you with sand. I think that's it, not sure. Well, at least the main event can start so we can end it, but I'm still suspicious of the Kazekage. Why the heck is he more interested in Sasuke than Gaara? (I think the Sasuke obsession gets a bit much myself)

Anonymous said...

Oh y god i need to know how to make an entrance like that!

LilyDraken said...

*Breathes sigh of relief* Sasuke-kun! Kick his ass... and wow, just when I thought Kakashi-sensei couldn't get any cooler...

Anonymous said...

I pity the poor shinobi that has to clean that up...eesh.

Anonymous said...

Woah-hoh! SASUKEEEE~! You'd better win!

- Naruto =^_^=

Anonymous said...

*sigh* this was my favorite scene of the show. go sasuke!

Mizu no Han'ei said...

OH! How I wish Ming-sensei had taken us to see the exams! >.< I know we're not ready to take part in them, but how I wish we could see them!

All those lucky daimyo! I wish I was a rich lord, then I wouldn't have to eat plain white rice all the time!

Frightening things seem to be happening in Konoha, so I wish all the Konoha genin the best of luck in this years exams, and I hope you're doing well Pakkun, Kakashi-sensei, and Cop-san! ^0^

Anonymous said...

i love you >O< fangirl!