Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What's Kakashi doing here???

Greetings!! Konoha_cop here!
I was digging around some records at the ninja registration office and I found this unlabeled videotape.
It seems some time back Kakashi-san took part in some ninja exchange program. He stayed in some place called New Jersey, United States. Anyways after more digging I fond it was actually an S class infiltration mission to assassinate a fake "Ask a Ninja" apparently he is quite famous in the western area of that country. Here is part of the footage I could find...

Well, I am off! I am going to check out the of third round preliminaries!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

43rd Entry: Weapons in the Wind...

After the end of Sakura and Ino's battle there was another kunoichi match-up: Tenten, of Team Gai, and Temari, of the Sand Village.
Tenten starts match

Tenten specializes in weapons, therefore it was only natural that her first attack involved a barrage of shuriken all aimed for Temari. Surprisingly, every single one missed her. This was totally out of character for Tenten as her aim is impeccable. Gai suggested that something made Tenten miss on purpose. It turned out that Temari deflected the shuriken away with a large fan. Tenten resumed to fighting using her weapon techniques, but nothing proved to be effective. As her last resort she performed Soushouryu (Rising Twin Dragons).
Tenten Intro

I heard from Gai later that she was saving this technique for the final part of the Chunnin exam. Unfortunately, Temari was able to block it completely. She then sent a gust of wind that pulled Tenten up into a mini tornado full of chakra. The fight was put to a violent end when Tenten fell out of the air and on to Temari’s metal fan. It was rather painful to watch. The Genin from the Sand village are definitely a formidable and cold group...
Tenten Loses

This match was followed by Nara Shikamaru versus Kin Tsunchi. Shikamaru was always a pretty lazy kid without any stand out qualities, he's just quiet and likes to blend in. Despite all this, Shikamaru used his surroundings and very keen observations to layout an extremely advanced plan to defeat his opponent. Combined with his families unique abilities, The Kage Mane no Jutsu (Shadow Imitation Technique), it was a quick win for him (..and some what amusing). I see why Azuma plays "Shogi" with him all the time.

It's days like this that really bring out the competitive spirit in people. Rock Lee has been jumping around for the last few minutes anxious to fight (so is Naruto). Man, Lee is really is like Gai when he was young. sigh...

Monday, July 17, 2006

42nd Entry: Sakura Blooms

Sakura and Ino have been giving their all.
Sakura shows off some very clever basic battle techniques. She combines normal replication techniques and chakra to boost her speed to confuse and hit Ino. Very nice. Her ability to circulate Chakra throughout the entire body and use it at the right time is top notch. Naruto and Sasuke could learn a thing or two from her.
At this point it looks like Ino and Sakura are evenly matched. They have been fighting for 10 minutes. Sakura continues with her taunting and Ino is enraged to the point that she cuts off her hair and throws it towards Sakura. Ino then decides to use the Mind Transfer Technique to make Sakura give up.
This is a risky decision. The Mind Transfer Technique is a technique in which the user releases his/her mind energy and hits the enemy with it to control the opponent’s mind for a few minutes. Although a powerful technique it has a weakness, mind energy travels slowly in a straight line which leaves openings. If the user misses the mind energy won’t return to the user for a few minutes prohibiting the user from moving. All Sakura has to do to win, is to simply dodge it. If Ino misses Sakura can basically beat her into a pulp.

Sakura runs and Ino performs the Mind Transfer Technique. It misses and Ino falls to the floor. Sakura walks towards Ino but Sakura is tied down by a string filled with Chakra. Ino was only pretending that she formed the seal to lure Sakura into the trap. The string is a special string made by running Chakra through the hair she threw on the ground. Now that Sakura can’t move, Ino performs the Mind Transfer Technique and it hits Sakura. The technique succeeded. Things looked bad.

Ino has now taken over Sakura’s mind. It seems as though this battle is over. Ino raises her hand to make Sakura give up.
Naruto yells at Sakura to tell her to stop. Suddenly Ino, who is still inside Sakura, is in pain. It seems Sakura's mind is fighting Ino. She can’t take it and returns to her own body. Now this is not an easy feat, one can’t easily kick out the user. It's true that Ino’s Chakra was limited but Sakura's spirit and will power was stronger. And that spirit was awakened by Naruto’s voice as he was yelling at her at the time from the balcony.
Now it will all come down to brute force..

Revised Sakura and Ino punch

Both are exhausted. one more hit will decide the outcome. Sakura and Ino both run and punch each other. They hit each other’s face simultaneously and they both pass out. Double KO. That's is a 1st. Asuma and I pop down and get bring the two back up to the balcony so they can rest. All in all, I am very proud of Sakura. I really feel that it was a good decision for me to have them take part in the exams this year. She really has grown far beyond my expectations.

Passed out Ino and Sakura

Sunday, July 16, 2006

MasterCard Sharingan 2! Ohaiyo Kakashi!

Konichiwa Minnasan, Pakkun desu! Heh heh heh Kakashi has a new commercial up for konoha! Hope you enjoy it, i can't type much because of my PUNNNNNNI PUNNNNNNI PADS! So here ya go!

...and before anybody says it "I AM NOT CUTE"!


Sunday, July 09, 2006

41st Entry: Flower vs The Flower Shop

The preliminaries continue with a quick yet interesting match between Kankurou, of the sand, and Tsurugi Misumi, of Hidden Leaf Village. Kankurou is a puppet master who uses his chakra to control a marionette. This is a pretty rare skill. It has been such a long time since I have seen someone use it in action. During the fight, I overheard Naruto say that prelims were full of “weirdo's”. Ha, like he should talk... After Kankuro won, the match ended and the board displayed the participants selected for the next match. Sakura looked up in shock as the sign read "Sakura Haruno versus Ino Yamanaka".

This fight proved to be an indispensable lesson for everyone. One of the most important and defining characteristics of a true shinobi is having the self-control to set all emotions aside in order to get the job done successfully. Possessing strong feelings can cloud ones capacity of making logical decisions during a mission. This can lead to serious outcomes like death of oneself…or worse, one's teammates.

Sakura and Ino having a good stare

As far as I’m concerned Ino and Sakura both fail in this category. At the fight's onset it was already clear that this was not a fight between shinobi, it was a fight between friends. It was childish and everyone in the crowd saw it. At one point Ino actually resorted to smacking Sakura (フフフ~). However, as juvenile as this was it actually ended up getting Sakura into the mindset that she should have been in in the first place. I saw the willingness to fight in her eyes as she put on her Konoha headband. It looks like Team Seven’s flower is about to bloom...

Sakura vs. Ino


Saturday, July 01, 2006

40th Entry: Darkness Looms

kakashi sees someone in distance

Things have gone from bad to worse, Orochimaru showed up while I was performing the Sealing Jutsu on Sasuke's Cursed Seal. It seems he has plans for Sasuke and I must admit I am disturbed by this. I've reported to the Hokage's office and have been instructed to inform about this unexpected turn of events. Stay on guard, he is in the nearby area..

Orochimaru in dark room

Orochimaru mentioned that he is envious because I possess a "Sharingan Eye", or more so the "Uchiha Clan's Sharingan Eye", and the powers it holds. Orochimaru also mentioned he was the one who created the "Hidden Village of Sound" to slowly build his position. Clearly his goal is to overthrow the "Hidden Leaf Village" and gain power. How Sasuke plays into this I am not sure, but it seems as though Orochimaru plans to use him as his trophy pawn.


At this point in the conversation I figured the only way I could stop him is with "Chidori". I will not let him get one of my team members. Without a single flinch, Orochimaru laughs at me and explains that neither my seal nor my powers can stop the path that Sasuke has begun because Sasuke is an avenger and that no matter what, in time Sasuke will seek him out to gain more power. It seems Orochimaru has been keeping an eye on the Uchiha for quite some time now.

For the first time in a long while I saw my own death. His words echoed in my head "...that is unless you kill me like you just said you would. Go ahead and try if you can." Before I could react he was gone... The Legendary San-Nin are to be feared...

...As for Sasuke, I dropped him off at the infirmary and have stationed ANBU to keep watch. I'll keep an eye out back at the main test area, it sounds like Shino from Kurenai's squad has defeated one of the Sound Ninja.