Thursday, December 27, 2007


Domo Minasan! It's been one busy busy year hasn't it? Both I and team 7 have been put through the ringer and I must say I have spent my share of time staring at the lights from my hospital bed. But I have not forgotten all those who are here, so starting early next year, I'll be back with a lot of updates, but for now have a safe and happy holiday and I will see you all soon (after I finish reading all my icha icha's I got for X-mas! I know they are all the same, but they are all new)! Till then i leave everyone with this!

revised kakashi scarface

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New York Ninja hits 50,000!

Yo Minnasan~

I know you’ve all been wondering what have I been up to, and what was I doing in New York. Just to let you in on some of my missions... I was recently summoned to the Big Apple by an interesting client who deals with very strange goods.

kakashi at NYC comic-con

Upon my arrival I was a little surprised when I discovered that one of the clients was poo ::ehem:: literally. However despite his rather unpleasant smell…I found him to have a rather pleasant personality. He definitely fell into my top 10 most interesting clients list. Here he is sporting a Konoha headband!

kakashi's client

Aside from my escort mission, l also attended an International Order of Ninjas, aka ION conference, on behalf of the leaf village, where I was given the honor of “Ninja of the Year”! I couldn't believe it! It was such a surprise! There are so many great shinobi out there that are just as deserving of this honor as I am. But a big thank you goes out to ION for that. I would also like to thank everyone who visits my blog. WE JUST HIT 50,000 views!

ninja of the year

Lastly after the conference, I was approached by some chocolate company who wanted to do an ad campaign based on my years in Anbu, I must say it was um interesting but I must decline because from this point on missions are about to get intense! But i think you guys may get a laugh out of this as much as I did and I know Naruto would die laughing!

m and m anbu kakashi

We’ll, that’s all for now folks. More to come very soon! Things are clearing up so come back real soon!


Friday, May 04, 2007

Of Spiders and Leaf, The Two Masked Men.

Hai Domo~

Sorry about the long absence! The missions have been non-stop!
I just got back from one in New York. It's Spider-Man Week there, and I ran into an old friend!

Kakashi and Spidey

New York was great tho I still can't seem to find "American" Versions of Icha Icha... sigh, Anyways, I couldn't help but to use my sharigan to see if I can copy any of Spidey's abilties. It yeilded some interesting results!

Kakashi Spidey Week

I really have no clue why the technique made my suit turn black, but in anycase Spidey and I had a kick he gave me some goodies and the whole web out of the hand thing wasn't working, but I will admit his ability to use his Chakara to stick to walls have improved alot since academy days! I'll have more on my special missions next week and then it will be back to Konoha shortly after that!

Great to be back and hope you guys haven't been to lonely!

Jya' ne

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Konoha Under Attack!

Emergency Alert! Konoha is under enemy attack!!!
konoha emergency sign
This is not a drill!
All able-bodied shinobi report to your designated posts!
Again, we are under attack!
Please have all civilians evacuated!
ANBU OPS report in...
More when a debriefing is complete.
-Office of the Hokage

Monday, January 22, 2007

40,000 Hits!!!

Well dear me I couldn't resist but extend my thanks to all who made this blog an amazing experience, although I still am out on training missions till mid February, I had to put this image up! While on assignment in the states, I came up across a unique type of Copy Ninja, so being a Copy Ninja myself I decided to SNJ my own Kinko's Copy Ninja. So I hope every one is training hard, and I will be back with something fun for everyone!

40,000 Hits

Again thanks for all your support!

Dewa Mata

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kakashi on Short Hiatus from Blog

Hello everyone! I want to apologize to the readers for the lack of updates. Unfortunately, Kakashi has been very busy carrying out missions. No worries though!!! He’ll be back in February with some fun new surprises!!

Also, I want to inform the readers who live in the United States that Kakashi is going to be in Washington, D.C. from February 16 through February 18 for "Katsucon"! So be sure to look out for him if you're going!

be back soon pakkun

Thank you so much for your patience.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

65th Entry: Saskue and Kakashi Return!

Konoha_cop here!

Kakashi-san and Saskue are back!
Looks like the two got back just in the nick of time, and what an entrance it is. WOW! Now it's time for the fight everyone has been waiting for! The whole arena is on fire! I've never heard anything this loud since way back when...(I forget).

dramatic arrival

Gaara versus Uchiha Saskue! Is about to start! Though if I had to fight Gaara I think I would forfeit...that kid scares me alot.
Just a moment ago Naruto and Shikamaru ran over and told me to check out the hallway on the middle teir. What I found was gruesome (please beware this is very graphic...)

bloody hallway at stadium

It's pretty gross. They told me that Gaara did this as he was walking towards the match at hand. He just killed two guys from the land of grass without lifting a finger. (Reports from ANBU confirms that they were gamblers and grifters who rig matches, so i don't feel too bad. But still its pretty grusome). Now I am really worried. It also seems something is going down in the Stadium as well, there are a few ANBU grouped here, I need to go see what this is... Anyways, now that Kakashi is back, I am sure he'll keep everyone up to speed. (At least he knows how to use his PDA/Camera).

Bye for now!