Monday, January 22, 2007

40,000 Hits!!!

Well dear me I couldn't resist but extend my thanks to all who made this blog an amazing experience, although I still am out on training missions till mid February, I had to put this image up! While on assignment in the states, I came up across a unique type of Copy Ninja, so being a Copy Ninja myself I decided to SNJ my own Kinko's Copy Ninja. So I hope every one is training hard, and I will be back with something fun for everyone!

40,000 Hits

Again thanks for all your support!

Dewa Mata


Anonymous said...

omg haha that girl kakashi has a very cute ^_-

Anonymous said...

hot damn my three most favorite Kakashis!!! Squeeee

Anonymous said...

40k? Naruto better not be abusing his kage bunshin.

Anonymous said...

wow everyone is so... anonymous! how ninja like!

Anonymous said...

Should have looked in Staples, but Kinkos is nice as well.

Anonymous said...

omg! kakashi sensei's blog!!! is something awesome!!! naaah! i love you so much ^^
haha! your henge bushin is so cute^^
aand i think that naruto made some kage bunshins too ^^ 40k!! O.O

Anonymous said...

ZOMG Why must you be such a good and hot Kakashi? I want you but I can't have you! T_T and why must the SnJ Kakashi be SO GOOD!!! It'll put me to shame when I go as SnJ at the convention I'm going to. T_T

Anonymous said...

fedex shall own you all!

Anonymous said...

hey kakashi... when ll'u return???
im missing you... be quick or someone will still the icha icha magazine i've saved for you - i don't wanna be so specific, but gai is crazy to read it.... Oo''-...
kisseees =*** =^.^=

Mizu no Han'ei said...

Congratulations, Kakashi-sensei! 40,000 hits must make you feel great!

I hope that you are doing well, and I hope that your next entry will be just as fun as this one! ^0^

Jr. Jounin said...

oohhhh plz can u give me ur url 4 ur song or tell me where u got urs!!!!!!(plz plz plz plz plz!!!!)

(oh and sooooo cute kakashi!!!!)

Konoha_Cop said...

you can find the track on

Anonymous said...

I am reading this blog from day 1, and its great.
And that kakashi girl is hot =)

BTW This is my first post. Keep it up...

MoNsTeR FoX said...

hi all i found this blog today and it is awesome :D.It was a a lot of fun while reading it.40,000 hits this is a lot :D!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kakashi sensei
You Web page is very Kawaii a like very much
The girl in you picture is very CUte ^^
Congratulations for you 40k
"the best ninja of konoha"

Kiss for you S2
Hatake SaYuRi--"Hatake clan the clan of dogs"